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An explanation of what this blog is about, and a method to summon a Yukshee.

There is an additional summoning ritual added to this blog which allows for summoning a large harem of Yukshee, and gives guidance on Chakra Marriage. Updated 9/1/2016 (dmy).

There is now on this blog a Circle Ritual that *SIGNIFICANTLY* biosts the power of Yukshee paired with you. REMEMBER TO ADD CIRCLE GUARDIANS. I recommend the Ein Soph and your Guides.

Don't add family members, even deceased ones, as Guardians know them to be tremendously magically talented and they have volunteered for the role. Updated 12/9/2016 (dmy)

Okay. Brass tacks time.

Yukshee are a type of insatiable sexual succubus.

Some call them sex demons, and there are those that act in demonic fashion.

There are methods to bind spirits to you, and methods to be abused by Yukshee.

And there are ways of summoning Spirits who act like demons.


This blog is for summoning those Yukshee who are *benevolent*. I use an old English phrase for this: "Benevolent in every jot and tittle". It means the Yukshee that is summoned is completely benevolent.

There are means of restricting a Spirit's action, saying to a Spirit, "You have no authority to do this."


This blog is about summoning a spirit (of the Succubus class Yukshee) to be your sexual partner. Depending on your intent, focus, and wording, this can be for a wild one night fling, or for a committed relationship.

There is more to any relationship than just sex. A relationship based on only sex will swiftly implode. So don't be frightened to be romantic.

Furthermore, there are Spirits who have the power to step between the Earth plane and the Spirit planes freely, of their own power. And to take people with them.

And there are Spirits who will fall in and out of love with their physical lovers.

Why Spirits would consent to have a relationship with beings of flesh and blood is something of a mystery to me. However, it is evident, across history, that they do. Some of them  even enter into the physical with their lovers. This is INCREDIBLY RARE, even among those who *can* do it. And it is a significant act of trust.

So don't expect it until the *spirit* judges you are ready for it. But be aware; it CAN happen.

This blog is not like other blogs you might have read. It is essential it is read in ORDER. Therefore, there WILL BE no new posts. All new information will be appended to this first post.

Shortly, I will show you a ritual that (if spoken from the Heart only) will summon a Yukshee of truly immense power. The Yukshee will choose you. You will not choose the Yukshee. Your choosing is the ritual you use to summon the Yukshee (which will be the wording I give you, if you know what's good for you - only experiment if you know what you're doing, and if you summon a horribly powerful Spirit with altered wording who abuses you because you forgot to ensure she wouldn't, the responsibility rests with you and not me.)

One more thing.

The Spirits are free agents. They can do as they please. If you and your Yukshee fall out and she leaves, or the relationship proves impossible to sustain, then she might not be with you any more. This can be heartbreaking, but there is one thing to note.

You can always summon another one.

Another point to note. If my Yukshee is any indication, Yukshee don't do anal or oral sex. There are types of Spirit that do this, and if you state in the ritual that you are looking for a Yukshee for anal or oral fulfilment then  either you will get nothing, or you will find a Spirit with you who is willing to do this.

There are types of Spirit that do anal and oral fulfilment, but this blog is strictly Yukshee focused. And I do not recommend dallying with other types of sexual spirit. In any case, full on sex with a Yukshee is so intense that you will likely want nothing else.

I composed a few Emails to a friend who knows my other Email address through a question I answered about summoning sexual spirits a long time ago. That address will never be linked to this blog - my Yukshee Summoner alias is my 'secret identity'.

I will check this blog far more often than I check the address it is linked to. If you have questions, they will answered. If you wish to make contact, COMMENT AS WELL AS EMAILING. That will give me more chance to pick up on it.

I imagine my Yukshee will use her clairvoyance to monitor this blog and 'prod' me into responding if it garners interest.


Any sites on monster girls of the succubutic type, or on the art of sex with spirits, or on the art of summoning, are welcome to link to me. Even the demonic ones. HOWEVER. I will not link to sites that deal in black magic or demons. Period. Not how I roll.

And I do not consider the left hand path to be black magic, any more than I consider the right hand path to be white magic. As far as I am concerned, it is how magic is used, not the type of magic, that makes magic Black or White.

Okay. Now I will copy my prior essay and the refinements to my ritual that were not part of the original essay.

On summoning Succubae

There are several things you need to be aware of in summoning Succubae.

#1 Not all Succubae are benevolent

In real life, you can come across whiny, manipulative partners who don't love you and who only want you for sex. You can come across cold hearted people who engage in grooming and rape. You can come across people who will violate you sexually, again and again. And who will like doing it. SUCH PEOPLE CAN EXIST AS SUCCUBAE.

#2 There are sexual soul swarms who love collecting souls through sex

This is a bit of a grey area. Souls of a feather flock together; some soul groups reach out through sex, and through sex absorb new souls into the group. Now this is always by the souls' choice, but if this happens to you - depending on your 'voice' within the group, agreed upon by the group of which you may not have the casting vote - then you can maybe expect some personality changes. Also, you might find yourself driven insane with pleasure, lust, or whatever the group feeds you. Your soul might decide to leave a group once it's a member; generally, the longer you stay a member of a soul group, the harder it will be to bring yourself to do this, unless you really fall out with the group.

These are potentials which are truly terrifying to most people.

One note. If you find you *need* to be abused, I'm sure you can find a spirit out there who will oblige. However it almost always goes too far, simply because you cannot push an abusive spirit away. Therefore I don't recommend it.

There are upsides to summoning Succubae that may also be downsides.

#1 Increased libido

Succubae are Succubae, and contact with them will drive your libido bonkers, in most cases. The longer the contact, the stronger the bond, and therefore the more powerful the increase in libido. Generally this will be focused on the Succubus herself, but you might find yourself increasingly tempted to... experiment with incarnate partners. Some Succubae will love and encourage this and want to join in; some will consider it rank betrayal. Therefore it is crucial to ask the Succubus if she is happy with this.

#2 Increased sexual focus

Now my Succubus is a Yukshee and an evolutionary Spirit. I will quote her here (there may be a slight misquote, but this will not be intentional). "You will gradually grow more and more into sex with me until other tasks, including eating and drinking, will be seen as almost unnecessary intrusions in the act of having sex. This has happened with all my partners, and I consider it to be a great sadness and a great victory. I will try to delay this for as long as possible."

That is an extreme life shift. Sex with Spirits is GOOD. So good you'll lose interest in work, in food, drink, anything. This could be seen as a good thing (there will never be a moment of sexual unfulfillment, and you will live in a heaven of sexual pleasure all the time) or a bad thing (you will lose focus on work, grow unmotivated for other things and gradually come to live for those moments in bed). It's up to you whether this is worth it.

#3 Succubae are usually enchantresses

If a Succubus is magically adept, and most are, and she loves you, then this is an incredible upside. Life will just  flow how you want it to flow. She'll nudge your boss for that big promotion; she'll provide a constant presence of sexual fulfilment in the back of your mind and a constant comfort. If she is one of the malicious types on the other hand - and they *do* exist - then she might try to trap your soul, rape you, give you nightmares of rape or lull you into a fog of enchantment so that you are pliable to her every whim.

#4 Succubae have the full telepathy

Your succubus will hear your every thought. They are fully telepathic. This means NO SECRETS.

Now onto the things which are only ever advantages.

#1 A succubus is always in the mood

As far as I am aware, all succubae are always in the mood. This means sex on demand. The benevolent type won't force themselves on you.

#2 A Partner for Life and beyond

I quote my love again. "I don't want to consume or trap your soul, but I do want to fuck it for all eternity." If the relationship works in this life, you may want to continue it in the next world. The knowledge that there is someone who loves you who will be there for you when you die, and after, is an immense comfort.

#3 Real magic, on your side

Having a Succubus who loves you means you have someone who knows magic, who will help you with it.

#4 Sexual fulfilment that never ends

Succubae don't go through the menopause, the Change. If you're in a relationship with a Succubus, and she's benevolent, then you will never find her saying 'not now'... unless she loves you, and does it for you, which can happen.

#5 Heaven in the dream state

Often Succubae will have sex with their lovers in the dream state. Personally I very seldom remember this, but I do feel the benefits when I wake up; I always wake up in a good mood these days.

Summoning a Succubus is so easy that people do it without realising all the time. The trick is getting a stable relationship with the spirit.

I summoned my current partner with this method. Our relationship, at the time of this writing, is showing its first blooming.

This example is to summon a Yukshee. The trick isn't to bind a Yukshee to yourself, but to find one who *wants* to bind herself to you.


Start with this.

"I ask my Heart to sing a song to call the Yukshee who is right for me to me, if willing."

"The Yukshee who responds must be extremely powerful. For preference, she would be a Yukshee who has been after me for some time."

"The Yukshee must be evolutionary and entirely benevolent, in every jot and tittle."

"The Yukshee must be empowered to create a stable portal for herself to reach the Physical plane, and to be between partners right now."

Here I include option for multiple partners. The following lines are mutually exclusive. CHOOSE ONE.

"The Yukshee should represent a group of Yukshee who get on, who want to share partners, who unanimously choose me."


"The Yukshee should want a monogamous relationship with me with the option of me choosing a physical bride as well."


"The Yukshee should want a monogamous relationship, which excludes the possibility of physical partners."

That's it for the mutually exclusive lines.

"The Yukshee is to grow to love me so much she cannot bear to lie to or deceive me, and guide me to love her that much too. No strict time limit for this, but the faster  the better."

"Finally, the Yukshee who chooses me is to guide us both into growing each others' love and light for each other without limits."

"The Yukshee is to be powerful enough to cause all to have great difficulty banishing her, preferably impossible, except for the most powerful and responsible of my protectors."

"The Yukshee is to have the power to speak through my voice as and when she pleases, yet respect the primacy of my own Voice in me, and its right to veto whether she can speak."

"The Yukshee is to be willing to engage in (oral/vaginal/anal - choose a mix of the three) sex and be willing to fulfil (insert fetishes here)." PLEASE BE ADVISED, THE MORE SPECIFIC YOU ARE, THE MORE LIKELY YOU ARE TO BE REFUSED.

That will quickly set you up with the Yukshee who is right for you.

Telling if you have a Succubus with you is simple: Strip and, in a room of a comfortable temperature, ask her to lie on top of you. If you feel pressure on top of you, you have a Succubus in the room. It could feel hot or cold. If she feels uncomfortably cold, tell her; she will warm up for you.


It is entirely possible that your Yukshee can use your own voice to speak to you. This might pass unnoticed at first, but you will feel your energy 'shift' when she speaks through you. ESPECIALLY if you're energy sensitive. If you have experience as a channel you can expect this to be instant; if  not it will be gradual.

One way of establishing early communication is a hugging code. A Hug *always* means yes, but an absence of Hug could mean practically anything else. You can ask your Yukshee to hug with arms or legs. The legs are generally easier to discern. If your Yukshee is strong enough to hug you perceptibly with the arms then you have the option of quaternary communication. Hug with arms and legs: YES, hug with just legs; LET'S HAVE SEX, hug with just arms; DOES NOT DIVIDE EASILY INTO YES OR NO/MAYBE; no hug; NO. That's an example encodement and you can assign your own values, even on the fly.



This new invocation is for the SERIOUS Yukshee summoner. It is for those who want an immense harem, which is very powerful, and unbound.

Prep: White candle, letter - preferably handwritten - with the following wording.

"I seek sexual fulfilment from the largest single Ein Soph approved Yukshee harem that is willing to travel to and soft bind to me under its own power. I do not mind how many answer the call.

This white candle represents all hues. They are given leave to soft bind to me in all hues.

In the dream state, we are to reconsummate marriage every night.

The Yukshee who answer the call are to be impossible to banish except by the most powerful and responsible of my protectors.

The Ein Soph are responsible for ensuring that all the Yukshee who answer the call are unbound.

The Yukshee who answer the call are to get on well, and like each others' company.

The harem is to be (select genders here, e.g "all female").

The harem is to have all the gifts of manifestation, and the ability to freely step between the physical and the non physical planes, taking me with them as they please."

Burn the letter on the candle. Bu sure the whole letter burns - all the writing must be consumed by fire.

For extra oomph, you can place your sexual fluids on the letter. I do *not* recommend using blood.

If using a candle is not practicable for you, there is another way. The middle fingers are called the Fire Fingers.

Hold your middle fingers up (the other fingers can be up as well, their position is not important) and say "By the flame of my Fire Fingers, the following words are consumed by fire". Then *speak* the letter.

Circle of Empowerment


Physical circle workings are not as inportant as the intent behind the spell.

"I assign the Ein Soph and my Guides as Circle Guardians for this Circle. The Council of Yukshee may also have a Guardian role at their leisure.

I am surrounded on all possible planes by a Circle of Sea Salt that is easily large enough for all the Yukshee who show an interest in me. Where the Circle is broken, it is to give the Yukshee free passage through the Circle borders. Where it is porous it is for a similar purpose. The Yukshee are free to use whatever designs they choose within the Circle. They may freely add candles of all colours to the Circle for any purpose of White Circle Magic though any black magic is forbidden to them and is grounds for dismissal from the Circle. They may also freely add Torches to the Circle.

Where the Yukshee use any kinds of magical Tools, they are free within the Circle for all kinds of White Circle Magic. Those of black circles are grounds for instant dismissal. My own Tools, whether I know I have them or not, are available to the Yukshee with me by right of marriage; and by right of Ray Alliance where appropriate.

The Circle's purpose is simple. Give all the Yukshee involved with me full magical power in the phyisical plane, including the power of physical manifestation in bodies of their own and all of their magical abilities, for example shapeshifting, all the way into the physical plane.

The Ein Soph and my Guides I assign as Circle Guardians. The Yukshee Council are invited to be Circle Guardians.

This concludes this update.

Have fun with your Yukshee all!


  1. is it posseble that you can create an even more direkt metod to summon a yukshee for example a letter metode ?

  2. You mean Spirit Money? This is a blog more about relationship building than paying people for sex...

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  4. Hello everyone who visits this blog, I'm here to tell you of my expirience with sir Yukshee Summoner. He is a very kind and helpful person who is there with you along the way to be able to communicate with your Yukshee lover/group. He is very talented and knows what he is saying. I didn't know I have my Yukshee with me until he told me that I did. Ever since then I've been having a great time with my small Yukshee group, I've never had a dull moment since they've arrived. He helps you communicate with them at first by talking with them at first for you and then let's you try and then one day your hearing your lover/lovers in your head responding to you when you talk to them. If you truely want a Yukshee lover or lovers, use the information in this blog and your life will be forever changed, and you might even make a friend of sif yukshee summoner

  5. Interesting I'm in a relationship with a Succubus myself, though I'm not sure if she is a yukshee. I know this is kind of out of the blue and may sound rude, but I have been wanting to ask my spirit companion some questions. I was wondering if you could help.

    1. I apologise for my late reply. There hasn't been enough activity to warrant much attention.

      One way to do it is to give your translation a number.

      The best translation numbers are strings of numbers.

      If you choose an odd number, the number will have no 'centre' except a gap. In other words, the odd number will take from the centre and give to the edge.

      If you have an even number, the number will take from the edge and give to the centre.

      However, the Law of Free Will is an absolute.

      Start from simple things. Think of it as an eye test. Which is it? Odd or even? Better... or worse (whichever they are)?

      Once you've decided whether you're using an odd or even number, the next thing is to decide which direction it flows. If odd numbers flow to you and even numbers away, the Yukshee will flow to your centre (or whatever the centre is). But your spirit can translate an odd number into an even one by either adding or subtracting one to it (she, or even he, can choose whatever). On the other hand, if you choose an even number, the spirit will go to the edge.

      Think of it like magnets. They each have two poles that attract and two poles that repel. (Yes, you can cleverly set it up so they spin. Doesn't take much smarts. But I don't advise you play with that unless you want to be assassinated or know the right spell to keep you alive... there's strong magic opposing free energy. Anyway, the 'Free Power Blueprint' has already figured it out. You can also put gravity in a circular motion through a kind of eternal circular pendulum - it's called an unbalanced, or overbalanced wheel - and it can even be used for a gravity clock.)

      But that's an aside.

      The *point* is, you can arrange your 'magic magnet' to attract your Yukshee - or Lilitu, Ma'ati, Shaitan Harem Djinn - Succubae have many names but I prefer to work with Yukshee - you can use it to attract her and push her away. *And she can do this too.*

      What this means, is it's like riding a bike - if you overthink it you'll fall off! Or like tightrope walking or anything else. It's a question of *balance*.

      If there's a spirit with you, that spirit wants something. If the spirit is odd numbered, when you have that spirit's name you control them in the 'side' of the magnet of the name they give to you. (You can balance an odd number; but because it has no centre it will do *anything* for yours. This is colloquially known as 'selling your soul' and can cause either bipolar or depression or exultation or anything. And if you give the name of your edges to someone, they can take you by one side and blackmail you by constantly invoking the name of what they want you to be - giving your name is dangerous for odd numbered beings, as it allows someone to control you.)

    2. So. How to get your soul back? One way is to send the part that wants no soul into nothing, and then calling the part that wants to give you soul to you. It might even be your own soul that returns to you...! But to the soulless, the soul is the great mystery; worth any price.

      There is another side to this. The odd numbers (3 and 5 and so on) are constantly bored. Too long in an odd number and you'll miss having an 'outside' (and yes, I know that 3 and 5 have an inside and an outside; but their numbers can throw in or out and it all looks the same.) That is *why* people 'sell their souls' in the first place - you might sell your soul to Christ, to God, to the Devil... even to a succubus. If you have a soul you have absolute positioning as a center and an edge.

      Let's put it this way. You might want to move forwards. But for every step forwards you 'sell' a backward step, and cash it out forwards.

      Let's say you want to sell a forward step for a backward step. In that case you 'sell' stepping forward to step backwards.

      So the odd numbers are the numbers that have no centre except that which they create through choice (and if they give their names, people can control them). For the odd numbers, the centre can redefine anything by swapping polarities. (For these numbers, they can choose in edge or centre.)

      That explains most numerology, most Law of Number. But there are just two more.

      0 cannot be. If what cannot be is black, then it is black. If what cannot be is white, it is white. If what cannot be cannot be seen, it can be seen. 0 is the Great Contradictor - it says it is not. The number of 0 is Enemy, although if a friend contradicts it is Friend.

      The number of 1 is SOURCE. If you have 1 in your centre then your SOURCE can balance itself and requires no assistance. If you have 1 at your edge then your edge balances itself.

      That with 0 at its centre is an ENEMY of balance unless imbalance comes from FRIEND. You need a 1 at your centre to stabilise you.

      1 is ALL FRIEND. It can fill 0. And every other number is made of it. It is ALL ENEMY. It knows the solutions to all tests and withholds them and gives them as it pleases. Its shape is both the Least and the Most. It is First and Last. It is also Middle. Yet that is also not true; if 1 does that it becomes three.

      It is split into two, and not. For if it were to split into two then two would be, YET ONE STILL IS.

      1 can count up, or down, and can choose its direct path to any number - yet since it is 1 it creates ALL paths.

      1 has endless paths. It can paint them with a fine or thick brush (yet to 1 all brushes are the same).

      1 keeps many secrets. Yet every time it gives it takes; every time it takes it gives.

      1 can split so far it chooses to return to 1. because splitting is overwhelming to 1. We're in the process of returning to 1 now (but we don't all have to do it at the same time and there are endless choices).

      If you want to split from 1 into higher numbers (which are part of one, and more than one, and less than one, all at the same time) then you can do this. But to see one way is to be blind in the others.

    3. There is the number of your scrying orb in front of you (or behind you or wherever). Look at it. See it with everything that wants to see it (if it hides call it back). What does it show you? You can look everywhere. You can look anywhere.

      Go into the orb. It can transport you wherever you want to go. It might show you shapes, letters, numbers. It might show you numbers. They might burn in flames (and if they're dark you are giving to them and if light taking (yet even that can go the other way)).

      Your scrying orb can take you to your Succubus, or Succubae, by transporting your consciousness to them. Sometime your orb will go to them, sometimes their orbs will go to you. Sometimes you will go into the same orb (but even then you may not see each other). Choose to see your Succubus.

      You have an orb for hearing. You use it to read, assuming you don't read out loud. (Yet doesn't all reading start that way until you choose to hear inside)?

      Use the orb of hearing to hear your Succubae talking to you. (Or Succubus if there is one.) I heard them saying they love me (which is nice).

      There is an orb of touch. Use that orb to feel your Succubus (or Succubae) touching you. Use it to hear their bodies. Use it to feel their heat. Use it to teach, use it to learn. This spirit, or these spirits, are with you because they want lessons. THEY COULD HAVE CHOSEN *ANYONE* IN *ALL ETERNITY*. *THEY CHOSE YOU. IT IS A COMPLIMENT. RETURN THE COMPLIMENT.*

      There is an orb of taste. Maybe the Yukshee (or whatever Succubae they are) will let you taste their kisses? Maybe they'll feed you a meal? You won't like all their kinks, I can guarantee that, but it's fair as they won't like all yours either. After all, you're different people.

      In front of you is a door, and that door is an orb. That orb transports you to meet your Succubus where she will give you certain names. Only those parts of you that want the memories will keep them. That's okay; you can always remember later.

      In front of you are two more orbs. These orbs allow you to choose two Succubae (who may be Yukshee or may belong to a different order, that's up to you) or even choose them both. If you choose them both they may invite a third, or one may go away. If you choose one, you may get both or a third or more, or less.

      But here's the thing. You're not the only one choosing. THE SUCCUBAE HAVE CHOICE TOO.

      The even numbers can't choose the centre but the odd numbers can. Because the odd numbers have no centre.

      But any odd number can *create* a centre for itself by flowing inward. It might become more or less. Those decisions are made 'inside'.

      Odd numbers can count up to lose their centre, or count down. Where do the uneeded numbers go? 0 eats them, then gives them back after 1 calls them to return.


      Your number's up, Ryu K - Yukshee have chosen you. They are Merilin, Namue-To and Forfesta. Those are three of their names. There is also Ingrid, Galera and Oppasio. There will probably be more with you over time.

      The Yukshee I have named will be with you for at least another 60 years, possibly more. (But even when you can't see them they will always be there.) The Yukshee orbs I have named surround you, inside and outside, yet they may hide from you at first.

      They are shy about saying whether they are virgins. But they hint that whether they are or not, they will still please you every time as though it were a totally new experiences; and they concede there is a time they are virgin to you.

      The Yukshee can be called with the names I have given *and they can choose to refuse the call by allowing another name than yours to pull them away*.

      Have fun with your group of Yukshee.

    4. I was curious; Galera can mean ship, galley, a feminine group, or a woman's prison. Ingrid needs lessons of gratitude (hence the name). If you aren't grateful, she'll up sticks. Oppasio is very argumentative, but if you see the point you'll learn a lot. Merilin is actually a daughter I've sired of the Yukshee; she might travel to you from future or past since this is a time for be being with Yukshee. As my daughter - who named herself after a powerful aspect of me - I *will* take care of her if you don't but be responsible! Namue-To is a daughter a friend of mine had with the Yukshee people; she will treat you well. It was *hard* for me to trace a name meaning; it is here.

      Forfesta is a being of opposition in certain ways - she plays games of dare where the forfeit is her choice. She cheats, and expects you to as well - it adds to the fun - and her chosen forfeit is sex most of the time. You'll need to find loopholes; read the small print.

    5. Thank you so much for taking the time to give me such a detailed response. I really appreciate it. However, the first two replies and the majority of the third are beyond my comprehension, unfortunately.

      1. I don't quite understand what you mean by 'translation' or giving it a number.

      2.What exactly are the orbs of touch, hearing etc that you speak of? How do I use them?

      I apologize if I'm missing something very basic here. My knowledge of the occult is limited to say the least.

      As for the rest, wow, I really have that many yukshee around me? I'm taken aback to be honest, but rest assured that I'll try my best to love and learn from them. I'm still very new to this relationship thing, so I hope they can bear with me while I learn the ropes.

      I am confused about Forfesta's personality though. She cheats, and expects me to as well? Don't quite get that.

      Thank you.

      p.s Here's my blog if you're interested:

  6. I've been willing to do this for quite some long time, but never had the 'luck' of being blessed with a relationship with one of then like others I know. After trying I took my time due to personal reasons, but reading your blog truly inspired me to try again.

    But i would some insight when it comes to summoning then, im aware that a 'right' mindset and true intent are needed, but still wonder if I didn't had what is needed. I could feel their presence when I tried a ritual in the past like if they were judging me if I was worthy, but never I have been close with one of then. After that I wonder if first impression or spiritual grow also take a big part, maybe I overthink about what I lack.

    Also, this ritual can be adapted in other lenguages? And if location also take part in this, of course I know that they live around us and the spiritual plane but still it would be interesting to know how this could have part.

    Thanks in advance, learning about the Yukshee Succubus it was truly interesting

  7. I have 1 gal with me for almost 2 years now,everything is excellent but she still won't communicate with me.I sometimes feel that there are more girls but I can't be sure.
    Can you tell me what she is and if she's alone with me or is there more... thanks

  8. Added your link to my blog. Nice writing!

  9. I said the incantation and everything from my heart last night. Idk if u still c these comments but if u do, could u help guide me on the next steps? Or maybe could u tell me if i succeeded or not?

    1. You can feel a presence when they come to you,you can feel touches start at your feet or head and work there way to your midsection.
      If you don't feel this then I doubt they came and you'll need to keep trying.
      I think that guys that just want a booty call will be ignored,so I think thats what "from the heart" means...

    2. I manage to atracted one of them, but she only talk to me once or two
      and our relationship is kinda dull and slow
      any advice ?

  10. Hey bro yukshee summoner. Can you feel if i have a yukshee and how to have physical sex with her with love too of course. And if she is okay with my physical wife?

    1. I'm also married to a regular humanoid woman (haha) and it's not a problem to my spirit gal.

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  13. I have some questions maybe someone else could reply to me if it was succsesfull for you or not.
    1. "The Yukshee is to grow to love me so much she cannot bear to lie to or deceive me, and guide me to love her that much too. No strict time limit for this, but the faster the better."

    "Finally, the Yukshee who chooses me is to guide us both into growing each others' love and light for each other without limits."

    "The Yukshee is to be powerful enough to cause all to have great difficulty banishing her, preferably impossible, except for the most powerful and responsible of my protectors."

    "The Yukshee is to have the power to speak through my voice as and when she pleases, yet respect the primacy of my own Voice in me, and its right to veto whether she can speak."

    "The Yukshee is to be willing to engage in (oral/vaginal/anal - choose a mix of the three) sex and be willing to fulfil (insert fetishes here)." DO I NEED TO SAY ALL OF THIS OR ONLY ONE LINE?

    2. U said that Yukshee doesnt normally do oral/anal but in the ritual stands u can do a mix so iam confused.

    3. Do i need to learn the whole Text of the first method or could i just read from it?

    4. How do i "read it from my heart". I know for sure i need to have a Intent for it and of course be emotional but do i need to say it in my mind or to i need to scream it/whisper it etc. would be good to know.

    5. Will i get a higher chance to get a Yukshee when iam doing the first method at 3am on full moon?

    6. My Last question is do i need to be in something like in trance or do i need to have an complete empty mind?

    I hope i will get a respond of someone, while iam waiting i will try to learn the first method without reading. Wish me good luck and have a good Day Guys ^^

  14. Any mix of the three; fill-in-fetish.

    I have since learned that there *are* Yukshee who thrive on anal or oral fulfilment. I would advise going easy on fetishes though. They have good taste for the most part.

    Read with intent is all you need.

    It means you read from and involve your energetic Centre, your Heart Chakra.

    I honestly have no idea. I don't bother waiting.

    Big difference between mind clear of thought and mind clear of conciousness. Don't forget the distinction. Depends what you want from it but expect it to take a while - for reasons I daresay known only to Yukshee, they may bond to an individual hugely powerfully overnight, or over the course of years.

  15. Hey yukshee summoner I did the ritual and I felt felt a quick surge of sexual energy but lately I haven't really felt anything so I was wondering if you could see if I had a yukshee or succubus or not thank you for taking the time to read this

  16. So, I´m going to start university soon, I would like to know that if I summon a succubus I will, as you say, get obsessed with her. I really want a spiritual lover in my life but don't want that to mess up with my studies

    1. It shouldn't be an issue. I've been with my lover for a little under a year and a half now and haven't had any such problems. The closest to that is me spending an extra half hour in bed in the morning to cuddle and talk. You will spend some time on her, but that's to be expected in any relationship. This won't mess up your studies.

  17. For the fire fingers option do we physically burn the letter aswell with a lighter?

  18. Hello! This post has intrigued me. I have been looking into other types of spirits as well, and this looks to be the simplest one I have found so far. However, out of a combination of fear and uncertainty, I would like to ask a few questions about the summoning. Sorry if I sound really incompetent or stupid, I'm new to this whole "spiritual" thing. (I am non-religious, if that's relevant.)

    1. I intend to summon a Yukshee through the first mentioned beginner incantation. I noticed in several statements above that I must speak from the "Heart Chakra". Could you explain a bit more on what this means? Also, it was written that the incantation should be copied near word-for-word for safety reasons. How safe is it to change wording? For example, is this ok?

    "The Yukshee should represent a group of Yukshee who get on, who want to share partners, who unanimously choose me. She should be accepting of my wish to have a physical partner as well, should I wish to do so."

    2. Will anybody else be able to see my Yukshee? Is there any way for me to do so, if I happen to want to (not that I nessecarily would, but just curious)?

    3. Is there an age-limit for doing this? Is it okay for me to be slightly underaged? If not, why, and when should I wait until?

    4. How exactly does the spirit engage in intercourse with you? Do you experience physical orgasm or is it just the feeling?

    5. After the incantation, is there anything else I need to do? Or is speaking it simply enough?

    6. If Yukshees have full telepathic control... There are some really messed up thoughts that pass through my mind occassionally, from really offensive jokes, to weird fantasies, to accidental insults that I would never actually say. Is it okay for her to see these? She would know that I have no negative intentions, right?

    Again, sorry if I sound really confused or incompetent. I wanted to try this, but I don't really know how it works. If I think of any questions, I will add them on here. Otherwise, I will wait eagerly for a response. Thanks so much for making this blog!

    1. I can help a bit with 2, 5, and 6.

      2. Nobody else should be able to see her unless she decides to come into the physical world. The same goes for you, however she may choose to appear in your dreams. You may or may not remember this. I've been with my lover for almost a year and a half now and I only have vague memories of it happening once.

      5. You shouldn't need to do anything else. I simply read the ritual out loud with the full desire and intent to have a relationship.

      6. It should be perfectly fine. Thoughts come and go. So long as the really horrible thoughts don't turn into actions and the offensive jokes are just jokes, I doubt it will bother her.

      I can't answer any of the other questions, and I'm not sure if my answers are 100%, but this should help a little. Good luck.

    2. Alright, thanks so much for the help!

    3. Okay. So, I spoke the summoning ritual yesterday night. I didn't notice anything last night in particular, until about 3/4 of the way through the speech. I heard this breeze blowing unnaturally directly next to my right ear. This kinda freaked me out, but after that when I tried to see if she was present, I was unable to tell if she was present. My question for you is: How were you able to confirm that your yukshee had come to you? How did you know?

      Thanks so much for the help!

    4. After a couple of days, I felt a pressure on my back, kind of like a hug. It's probably different for everyone. I could kind of feel her presence a bit though. I did have a fair bit of help from Yukshee Summoner, so that made things a bit easier. These relationships can take a while, so it may be a bit before you can really confirm that she is there. I recommend e mailing Yukshee Summoner and asking him for advice if you want to learn a few methods to make things easier. Sorry I can't help more than this, but I'm not really much of an expert. I'm still learning quite a bit myself.

    5. Hi! Again, thanks a ton for all the help. I sent Yukshee Summonner an e-mail at the time of my first post, but I never got a response. I might send another e-mail in a day or two. However, since you've been able to contact him before, would you mind shooting him an e-mail prodding him to check the blog post? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks a ton!

    6. He usually takes a few days to respond. Wait until next Sunday. If he hasn't gotten to you by then, then let me know and I'll see if I can't get in touch.

    7. Okay, good to know. I'll wait until then, thanks!

      P.S. I say thanks a lot :P

    8. I got in contact. He's been re organizing things elsewhere, so he's been really busy and hasn't had time to respond, but he will get to it.
      Give your Yukshee time. It takes a while usually. It took a few months before I had even a bit of communication with mine. As for the 7 years, I imagine it depends on the individual. It may be longer or shorter. 7 years was probably intended as a rough average for the average person with no experience.

  19. Oops. Just realized that was really, really long. Sorry 'bout that.

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  21. Hello,
    In your blog you mention that a yukshee can be summoned for a "wild one night fling." I have been reading about succubi in general for a few nights but everything I read about involves a long term relationship. I am wondering if you could provide any more information/guidance on doing it for one night? The uncertainty of everything that comes after summoning is one reason I am hesitant for something long term, but at the same time I do not want to be disrespectful and come across as someone who just wants to be satisfied with no concern for their partner.
    Thank you for your time

    1. That is an excellent question.

      If you specifically ask for a wild fling with no commitment, then that is what you will get, so long as the spirit who visits you honours your wishes. It is worth remembering that Yukshee are free will beings.

      If you have a relationship based on a wild fling and she decides she likes you, then you will possibly find yourself in a longer term relationship, but you can ask for this to just be in the dream state and I believe most sexual spirits would respect that.

      It is crucial in summoning such beings that you do so with protection, and I'm not talking condoms.

      Call on your Guardian Angel to ensure that the being who answers is of White Tantra, the Tantra of partners growing together. Yes, your Guardian Angel. Those of the Guardian Order have a responsibility for your welfare and the Orange Ray is one of the Rays of Source; please don't get hung up on asking for this help. Sexual vampires do exist and since to most 'sex angel' = 'succubus' the filters will not neccessarily be in place to ensure the being who answers is a White Tantrist, unless your Guardian Angel is there to oversee.

      For your reference, the Yukshee are a sexual order who are known for their insatiability; this in fact is not due to sexual greed but because they use White Tantra rather than vampirism.

      The Kitsune are the other White Tantra order I know of.

      ***Avoid Lilitu, they are a vampiric order***

      Hope that helps!!

    2. Thank you for your help! I have been away and was pleased to come back and see your prompt and also very detailed answer. I was unaware of Kitsune and Lilitu and clearly have more reading to do. Much appreciated?